Ticketing Policy

Our Policy applies to both our website and apps.

In our interactions with you, including online and in person, we will receive certain personal information. The information below sets out what we do with that information.

Information about you, the consumer.

You should expect that we will collect your name, street address, phone number and email address.

We will have your credit card number on file if you permit us to do so in the purchase process.

We will have a record of previous purchases made from us.

If we have public spaces on our website and you post, we will have that information.

Visits to our website or use of our apps will record the browser, type of device and OS you are using. We may also know the site you came to us from using a link and where you go next. Our website and app may also record your GPS location.

How this is collected.

If you purchase from us, we will have the information you provided in the purchase process. Even if you do not purchase from us, visiting our website or using our app will obtain some passive information. You should be aware that there are addons and helper programs that will reduce the amount of passive sharing and you are free to use those programs. We do not warrant that those programs will not reduce the functionality of our site when you visit.

How we might use this information.

The simplest reason would be to speed up your transaction so you do not have to reenter information each time you make a purchase. We might also suggest certain events to you based on your past purchases. We will also use information to communicate to you about your purchases, which includes confirmations.

Our webdesigners will be interested in browser and OS types to help create better functionality. In some cases, our designers might use information to better secure our website and app and better protect both our and your information.

We might also have a newsletter noting future events in your geographic area. If so, we will give you the opportunity to receive this newsletter, or not receive it.

At no time will we use any information contrary to law.

How we might share information with third parties.

By third parties, we mean our venue partners, the performers appearing at those venues, our technology partners who help maintain and design our website and apps, and any company that might buy this business in the future.

Venues will need certain information on ticket purchases, such as name and address. In some cases, performer might ask for information such as email addresses of purchasers or general geographic information at to the location of purchasers. The latter, if provided, would be only done anonymously. You may opt out of any information provided to performers.

We want to note that if we receive a court order or subpoena to provide information, we will comply with the law based on the advice we receive from legal counsel. If we believe tickets are being purchased using stolen information, including a credit card, we may contact law enforcement with that information.

Should we sell the business in the future, the contract information of our customers is a critical business asset and would be included in any sale.

When we store your information with our technology partners, your information will by necessity be available to them. Please trust that we take every precaution in selecting the third parties that provide us technology services.

How you can choose what information we can use.

Where possible, we will allow you to choose how we use your information.

You may choose not to receive our marketing emails and choose not to provide your email address to venues who also send out marketing emails. You cannot opt out of receiving communications about transactions, including confirmations of purchases and notices of event cancellations.

We encourage you to update information you have provided us. We will also permit you to cancel your account with us, in which case, we will remove all of your personal information collected up to the date of cancellation.

As mentioned above, there are helper and addon programs that allow you to regulate cookies and other tracking tools.


California law requires that if you are a resident of that state and we have a business relationship with you, you may ask, once per year, for a list of the personal information that we have shared for marketing purposes with third parties along with the identity of those third parties. Please email us and note in the subject line that you are making a request under California law.

How we deal with security.

We work closely with our technology partners to protect all of your personal information. As you know, the online world has any number of hackers intent on stealing personal information. We cannot guarantee the safety of your information although we will make a full effort to do so.

If you have reason to believe someone impersonating yourself has an account with us, please contact us immediately with the subject line reading “Identity Theft” and provide as much information as you can in the body of the email.

We ask that you do not share your password for our site with anyone (which is good advice for any website). This request includes that you do not share your password with your children. If you believe your children are using our site without permission or they are under the age of thirteen, please contact us.

Sometimes, we will have links on our site to third parties. We have no control over the content or security on those sites. If you believe we have linked to an unsafe website, please contact us and state, in detail, the issue.


If you have any privacy question, please contact us at info@terrificticketing.com or mail us at:

Terrific Ticketing

733 Struck Dr-44804

Madison, WI 53744